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StraightTALK is designed for RAYAC members who want to give themselves an edge in their real estate business. These professional development seminars address a variety of topics that will make you a savvier business person. These seminars occur fall through spring.



February 8, 2018 - 11:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Legal Truth With Peter Ruth

Presenter: Peter Ruth, Esq.

Peter Ruth, RAYAC's legal counsel, will share with you the hot topics burning up the legal hotline. There will also be a Q & A part of the session to get any of your real estate legal questions answered. A light lunch will be served.

Cost: $10

February 14, 2018 - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Valentine’s Day Special: The Love Affair with Maryland Real Estate Contracts

Presenters: Attorneys Bob Flynn & Stella Vavas

Wondering what’s the deal with Maryland contracts and why there seems to be addenda for addenda? Bob Flynn will walk you through the Maryland Agreement of Sale and other common forms. If you plan on doing business in Maryland, you need to attend this session to ensure you are following Maryland contract regulations and are knowledgeable on the Maryland Agreement of Sale to ensure you are truly looking out for your clients’ best interests.

Cost: $10