RAYAC Committee Members Donate to the RAYAC Foundation

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Each year RAYAC hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Event to say thank you to all of the wonderful committee members that served on one, or multiple committees within RAYAC and volunteered their time to the association.

Due to Covid, RAYAC is not able to host the event this year. The funds used for the event will now be donated to the RAYAC Foundation in honor of everyone that has served on a committee in 2020.

Thank you to everyone for your time and hard work. RAYAC committees would not be a success without the help of all of you!

Carolyn Boyle
Casey Dougherty
Cheryl Rost
Cheryl Yerger
Cindy Mann
Cindy Sarver
Colleen Eckman
Connie Kern
Crystal Wever
Crystal Wilhide
Dan Scott
Daniel Wise
Dave Bode
Dave Monsour
David Kettering
David Telp
Dean Shearer
Deboroah Smith
Diane Billingsley
Diane Leib
Ed Bender
Elle Hale
Gayle Sanders
Geroge Herman
Ginnie Rudisill
Glenda Kane
Gloria Wachter
Heather Kreiger
Holly Purdy
Jason Phillips
Jennifer Clemens
Jenny Kibler
Jeremiah Good
Jill Romine
Jodi Reineberg
John Linton
John Runge
Joshua Jackson
Judy Givens
Karen Adamson
Karen Tavenner
Katie Horne
Ken Worley
Kevin Barnaba
Kim Amberman
Kim Goodling
Kim Moyer
Kim Ziegler
Kristyn Stouch
Laura Meagher
Lee Garlin
Linda Werner
Lisa Calhoun
Lisa Cardone
Lisa Myers
Marie Arcuri
Marty Sowa
Mary Price
Melinda Eppolito
Michelle Gemmill
Michelle Jones
Mike Kosko
Mike Wagner
Nathan Krotzer
Paola Grace
Pat Schell
Patricia Carey
Paula Musselman
Petula Yingling
Ragaa Thabet
Reid Weinbrom
Renie Jordan
Rob Stuart
Robyn Pottorff
Ron Fimiani
Ross Stanard
Roxanne Stevens
Sam Miller
Selina Robinson
Seth Trone
Shane Laucks
Sharon Hykes
Simon Overmiller
Stacey Trimmer
Steve Brown
Sue Horner
Sue Pindle
Sue Reed
Tamra Peroni
Teresa Forbes
Terri Harmon
Tina Llorente
Tony White
Wade Elfner
Wendy Landis
Zach Zambito