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SentriLock Lockbox Online Training-MEMBERS

Please note: you must submit the Sentricard Key Lease Authorization Form form to RAYAC along with your subscription payment. Please allow 2 hours for your keycard to be created and activated. You may call the office to check if your keycard is ready for pickup at the RAYAC office located at 901 Smile Way, York.Questions? Call 717-843-7891.


View the following videos:

Accessing the Lockbox Log
Please note that entries may be missing from the log if the listing agent has not renewed his or her SentriCard after showing the listing. In the event that you need to know exactly who has accessed your lockbox, even though he or she may have not renewed their SentriCard, you may take the following steps to retrieve the information:

SentriSmart Mobile App
SentriSmart Mobile App and the features of the Bluetooth Lockbox

SentriLock has provided a more efficient way to access lockboxes and perform many of the lockbox functions by using the SentriSmart mobile app, which can be downloaded, free of charge, through the “App Store” for iPhones, and Google Play for Androids. At the time of this video, approximately 56% of Gen I and Gen II lockboxes had the Mobile App technology. This technology is available in all Bluetooth lockboxes.

Lockbox Rules & Regulations
This last video will briefly cover the RAYAC Lockbox Rules and Regulations. We encourage you to review the entire Lockbox Rules and Regulations prior to taking the test for lockbox access. It is your responsibility to become familiar with the rules and regulations governing the lockbox program. Failure to comply could result in fine up to $15,000 in accordance with NAR’s Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Click here for the complete list of RAYAC’s Lockbox Rules & Regulations.


Contact the RAYAC Lockbox Administrator at 717-843-7891 or staff@rayac.com