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How to Generate a Shackle Release Code

If the owner of a property does not want the lockbox on their property any longer, the listing agent can send the owner of the property instructions on releasing the shackle on the lockbox to remove the lockbox from the door.  They do not need lockbox access to do this.

Below are the instructions:

Open up the Sentrikey App
Click on the 3 bars at the top left
Select My Lockboxes
Select release shackle
At the bottom select Get Shackle release code
Select the lockbox they wish to remove
Select the date to remove the shackle
Click get shackle release code
It generates the shackle release information.
On the top right is a square with an arrow.  Select that arrow.

This will forward the information either via email or text message to the contact to release the shackle information.

Firmware Updates

The process of updating the Firmware is very simple with the SentriKey Mobile app.  A short tutorial video can be watched at https://youtu.be/zuMF7lcncCA.  Please note that once you click on “Begin Update”, it will take several minutes for the Firmware to upload to the lockbox.  This is something you will want to do prior to taking the lockbox to your new listing.

Homeowner Notifications

Listing agents can now share information with their clients that will make the process of showing their home more efficient and convenient. Homeowners will benefit from knowing when a showing has begun, and will be able to return home quicker when notified that the showing has ended. For more information, please click HERE.

One Day Codes

One day codes allow the seller’s agent to grant a one-time code to access a specific lockbox on a specific day that would expire at midnight the day the code is assigned. If using the lockbox mobile app, the seller’s agent can assign the specific day for the code to be used.

Real estate licensees and appraisers for whom the One Day Code was generated will be billed a one-time $20 fee per day. Contractors and others authorized by the seller will not be billed.

Please be sure to follow and complete every step. Failure to do so is a violation of RAYAC’s Lockbox Rules and Regulations and could result in fine up to $15,000 in accordance with NAR’s Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

All forms mentioned in the directions are located below.

  1. The listing agent is the only person who can generate the one day code and must have the seller’s written permission to do so. RAYAC cannot generate the code. The seller’s agent must have the property owner complete the Lockbox Approval and Hold Harmless Agreement to be kept in the seller’s agent file.
  2. One Day Code for Real Estate Licensees and Appraisers: The listing agent is required to complete the top portion of the One Day Code Agreement for Real Estate Licensees and Certified Appraisers, then have the authorized user of the One Day Code complete the bottom portion. Do not generate the code until the form has been completed, signed, and returned by the showing agent.
    One Day Code for Contractors and Other Persons Authorized By Seller: the listing agent is required to complete the top portion of the One Day Code Agreement for the contractor or other authorized person.
  3. Generate the code using the Sentrilock mobile app. Watch this video to learn how to generate the One Day Code.
  4. Return the completed One Day Code Agreement Form to doug@rayac.com within two business days. RAYAC will invoice the agent or appraiser for the One Day Code fee. The listing agent does not have to collect this fee.


Convert a Non-RAYAC Lockbox to Work in York & Adams Counties

If you are listing a home in York & Adams Counties, you can use a lockbox you purchased from one of our reciprocal associations.  However, you need to configure the lockbox to be assigned to York & Adams Counties.

Click HERE  for instructions on how to assign the box to York & Adams Counties using the SentriKey App.

Click HERE for instructions on how to assign the box to York & Adams Counties using the Key Card.

Please note: If you release the shackle on the lockbox, it reverts back to its old settings. The second part of the instructions gives directions on how to “permanently” assign a lockbox to York & Adams Counties if you want to keep that box solely for listings in York & Adams Counties.

If you place the lockbox on a property in York & Adams Counties without configuring the lockbox, not all of the agents will have access to the box because not all of our agents will have reciprocal access established with the associations south of the Pennsylvania border.  Many of our agents will not be eligible for reciprocal access because they do not have licensure in those states.


Suggestions from PenMar to RAYAC agents on how to open their non-bluetooth lockboxes when showing a listing in the PenMar region

If agents receive error messages while using the app, they need to hit the cancel icon and then they will receive a one day code for access to the key compartment.  Agents can also call Sentrilock for help. (513-618-5800) If an agent is using the app on an older lockbox, the lockbox needs to be assigned to the listing, secondly the agents would click on the button that says VIEW NEARBY PROPERTIES.
Then they will be able to access the non-Bluetooth lockbox.