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Sentrilock – Get Access

RAYAC makes it easy for REALTOR® members, REALTOR® non-members, and real estate related professionals to gain access to lockboxes. Through this service, homeowners will not only receive the best option in securing their home, but they will also be able to allow access to the professionals that are involved throughout the sale of the property.

Lockbox Subscriptions

All subscribers must complete the SentriLock Key Lease Authorization Form and the required online training. Please see bottom of page for forms.

Please note, there is an initial one-time fee of $10.60  to purchase the keycard with each subscription option. RAYAC also sells the Card Reader device for $26.50.

Annual Subscription - Fee is pro-rated monthly. Call the RAYAC office at 717-843-7891 for the current pro-rated fee.
RAYAC Members: $159.00
Non-RAYAC Members: $238.50
3-Month Subscription - $75.00 plus tax
Monthly Subscription - $30.00 plus tax
1-Week Subscription - $10.00 plus tax
Current Promotion: Non-RAYAC members can gain one FREE week of lockbox access, which includes a FREE keycard. 

New Admin Access
The RAYAC Board of Directors has approved the ability for Unlicensed Assistants and Office Secretaries to purchase a limited access Sentrilock Subscription.  Here is what you need to know in regard to this policy change:


Reciprocal Access

RAYAC has reciprocal agreements with the following associations who also utilize the SentriLock system, which means access is granted at no additional charge.

RAYAC Members who want access to lockboxes in these associations will need to complete a form for each association and return it to that particular association. If the form is not linked below, please contact that association for assistance.

Non-RAYAC Members who want access to RAYAC lockbox service, please complete the SentriLock Key Lease Reciprocal Agreement – RAYAC.

Participating Associations:

Lockbox Forms